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Welcome to the Seeding Change Program!

We’ve designed our online training program for the middle strata that makes up most large companies—Program and Project Managers, Change Practitioners, and Mid-Level Leaders—career professionals responsible for planning, navigating, and implementing change in the workplace. 

Is the Seeding Change program right for you? You intuitively know that your foundational skills and capabilities will become in greater demand as disruptive elements driven by next gen technologies—artificial intelligence, robotic automation and smart machines—continue to drive change in the workplace. Although you’re not fearful of the future and seek to be ahead of the curve, you may find yourself overwhelmed, at times, by the amount of change you’re being asked to manage in the workplace.

Your high-touch learning experience at Seeding Change prepares you for unknowns that can trip you up.   


How Does Seeding Change Work?

You pay a one-time Seeding Change program fee (launch price: $339 USD) and get lifetime access to our bundled training courses (videos, projects, assignments, and forums) along with our monthly Skills Development Clinics (virtual) for areas that we consider the secret sauce to your career transformation.

    We’re confident that your learning will stay with you for the long haul, providing you with the adaptive skills that you’ll need to survive and thrive in the coming years.

    Project-Based Learning = Practical Value 

    Projects make your new learning stick by giving you a chance to roll up your sleeves and apply what you’ve learned. As you work on your projects within a collaborative environment, you’ll receive mentor input, coaching and guidance along the way within a safe and supportive learning environment. 

    Earn Points & Badges

    We believe that learning can (and should) be fun! Earn points by completing the lessons and assignments, sharing your project progress, and by voting and offering your input and advice on the progress of others. Top points earners of each course win a private, hour-long telecoaching session with Dee McCrorey (value: $325)!

    One coaching winner will be identified monthly for each course.

    Skills Development Clinics (SDC)

    Our focus is to ensure success for you within your environment—on the job, preparing to onboard in a new environment or looking to re-enter the workplace—and in order to do that we supplement e-course learning and practical projects with regularly scheduled live / recorded Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinars that reinforce the how of applying your new learning.

    The Seeding Change Guarantee

    We take the risk out of your upfront decision by offering you a 30-day guarantee! We’ve been teaching our core course content for decades and have delivered desired results to hundreds of corporate clients and career professionals. But if you discover that our Seeding Change program is not right for you, we will 100% refund the fee to your original form of payment within the first thirty days of purchase. We ask only that you complete a short survey first in helping us to improve the experience.

    Courses in this Program:

    Lessons in 30 Days to a Recession-Proof Reinvention:

    1. 1 Reinventing in Front of the Curve

      Objective: Course Overview

    2. 2 Key Takeaways: Introduction

    3. 3 Assignment: Generational Cohort

    4. 4 Lesson 1: Laying the Groundwork

      Objective: Five pillars of letting go and attracting new opportunities into your life.

    5. 5 Key Takeaways: Lesson 1

    6. 6 Assignment: Letting Go

    7. 7 Lesson 2: Assessing Your Situation

      Objective: Explore the risks and benefits of reinventing by choice or by necessity.

    8. 8 Key Takeaways: Lesson 2

    9. 9 Assignment: Your Current Situation

    10. 10 Lesson 3: Reinvention Strategies

      Objective: Compare the pros and cons of each reinvention strategy.

    11. 11 Key Takeaways: Lesson 3

    12. 12 Assignment: Reinvention Strategies

    13. 13 Lesson 4: What Is Your Career Path?

      Objective: Determine your preferred timeline for reinventing yourself.

    14. 14 Key Takeaways: Lesson 4

    15. 15 Assignment: Your Career Path

      Objective: Lesson 4 assignment

    16. 16 Lesson 5: Crafting Your Change Story

      Objective: Document how you will use the three change story components in crafting your career reinvention plan.

    17. 17 Key Takeaways: Lesson 5

    18. 18 Career Reinvention Plan

      Objective: Review the Career Reinvention Plan checklist and make any necessary mid-point adjustments.

    19. 19 Assignment: The Hero / Heroine Journey

    20. 20 Lesson 6: Your Personal Inflection Curve

      Objective: Describe how the four Signposts of the P.I.C. model supports your reinvention plan.

    21. 21 Key Takeaways: Lesson 6

    22. 22 Personal Inflection Curve Model

    23. 23 Case Study #1: Optimum Change Cycle

      Objective: Janelle’s reinvention challenge

    24. 24 Assignment: Reinventing in Front of the Curve

    25. 25 Case Study #2: Optimum Change Cycle

      Objective: Gerald’s historical timeline

    26. 26 Assignment: Gerald’s OCC

      Objective: Lesson 6 assignment (part 2)

    27. 27 Lesson 7: Pivoting During a Reinvention

      Objective: Document potential RED FLAGS and PIVOTS that could impact your career reinvention.

    28. 28 Key Takeaways: Lesson 7

    29. 29 (Infographic) Pivoting with a Vengeance

      Objective: Understand 10 drivers of change that trigger the need for pivots.

    30. 30 Assignment: Pivots

    31. 31 Lesson 8: Product of You Launch

      Objective: Incorporate your brand strategy into your reinvention plan.

    32. 32 Key Takeaways: Lesson 8

    33. 33 Assignment: Messaging & Branding the Product of You

    Lessons in AI in the Workplace:

    1. 1 Intro to AI in the Workplace

      Objective: What it means to effectively lead and implement transformative technology programs and projects.

    2. 2 Lesson 1: AI Readiness Assessment

      Objective: Assessing the organization’s AI readiness.

    3. 3 Assessing Stakeholder Impacts

    4. 4 Assignment: Lesson 1

    5. 5 AI Readiness Checklist

    6. 6 Middle Strata Collaborations

    7. 7 Lesson 2: Designing New Collaboration Models

      Objective: Planning for AI impacts to the workplace.

    8. 8 Participating in Strategic Planning Sessions

    9. 9 AI Ethics and Organizational Culture

    10. 10 Currents and Undercurrents of Change

    11. 11 Strategic Vision and Your Role

      Objective: Bridging AI strategies and implementation.

    12. 12 Assignment: Lesson 2

    13. 13 Strategy Planning Templates

    14. 14 Lesson 3: Communicating Your AI Strategy

      Objective: Strategy, Change Story, and Channels

    15. 15 Assignment: Lesson 3

    16. 16 Communications Templates

    17. 17 [WEBINAR] Planning and Communication Tools

      Objective: Leveraging automation tools in leading AI workplace change.

    18. 18 Lesson 4: Building Stakeholder Trust

      Objective: Trust looks different for advanced technology implementations.

    19. 19 Assessing Your Trust Quotient

    20. 20 Assignment: Lesson 4

    21. 21 Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

    22. 22 Assignment: Lesson 4

    23. 23 Lesson 5: Navigating Organization Silos

      Objective: Implementing stalled AI projects.

    24. 24 Managing Resistance to Change

      Objective: When people sabotage change.

    25. 25 Change Resistance Worksheet

    26. 26 Resources

    27. 27 Lesson 6: Setting Up AI Pilot Programs

      Objective: Planning for the unexpected

    28. 28 Assignment: Lesson 6

    29. 29 AI Pilot Program Worksheets

    30. 30 [WEBINAR] AI Implementation Best Practices

    31. 31 Lesson 7: Stress-Testing AI Projects

      Objective: Pilot to prime time.

    32. 32 Assignment: Lesson 7

    33. 33 Stress-Test Checklist

    34. 34 [WEBINAR] Implementing AI Projects

    35. 35 Lesson 8: Managing High-Impact AI Projects

      Objective: Raising the personal risktaking bar.

    36. 36 High-Impact Worksheets

    37. 37 Assignment: Lesson 8

    38. 38 Managing Pivot Points

    39. 39 Lesson 9: Leading AI Transformational Change

      Objective: Building an adaptable organization.

    40. 40 Middle Managers as Business Partners

    41. 41 AI Contingent Work Teams

    42. 42 Human-to-Machine Collaborations

    Lessons in Risktaking for Life: Your Pathway to Career Success at Any Age :

    1. 1 Risktaking for Life: An Adventure at Any Age

    2. 2 Lesson 1: Seven Pillars of Responsible, Informed Risktaking

      Objective: Redraw and navigate the innovation playing field.

    3. 3 Managing Upstream and Downstream Impacts

    4. 4 Assignment: Risktaking Style Self-Assessment

    5. 5 Risktaking Styles Chart

      Objective: Identify strengths and gaps of your primary risktaking style.

    6. 6 Lesson 2: Risktaking and Personal Values

    7. 7 Risktaking and Gender Biases

    8. 8 Risktaking in a Reinvented World

      Objective: Principles of responsible risktaking.

    9. 9 Assignment: Lesson 2

    10. 10 Lesson 3: Self-Confidence and Risktaking Mojo

      Objective: What comes first the chicken or the egg?

    11. 11 15 Day Setback Rule

    12. 12 Getting Out of Your Own Way

    13. 13 Assignment: Lesson 3

    14. 14 Myth of the Comfort Zone

    15. 15 Lesson 4: Wrestling with Staleness

    16. 16 Career Strategies and Life Cycles

    17. 17 Life Stages of Personal Risktaking

    18. 18 Case Studies

    19. 19 Assignment: Lesson 4

    20. 20 Lesson 5: Risktaking @ Work: Personal Boundaries

      Objective: Setting healthy risktaking boundaries.

    21. 21 Managing Complex Projects

      Objective: Navigating high-impact organizational politics.

    22. 22 Personal Boundaries and Trust

      Objective: Raising the bar on trust in the workplace.

    23. 23 Project Templates

    24. 24 Assignment: Lesson 5

    25. 25 Lesson 6: Risktaking and Reinventions

      Objective: Disrupting on your own time.

    26. 26 Your Optimum Change Cycle

      Objective: Strengthening your OCC muscles.

    27. 27 Case Studies and Templates

    28. 28 Upping Your Reinvention Game

    29. 29 Assignment: Lesson 6

    30. 30 Lesson 7: Creativity and Risktaking

      Objective: Embracing cultures of innovation.

    31. 31 Partnering with Different Risktaking Styles

      Objective: Raising the bar while getting things done requires that we play to the strengths of people and plan for their gaps.

    32. 32 Innovation: 14 Core Questions

    33. 33 Leading Change from the Middle

    34. 34 Assignment: Lesson 7

    35. 35 Lesson 8: Personal Risktaking as Career Strategy

      Objective: Career strategies for the next five years.

    36. 36 The Future of Work

      Objective: How personal risktaking plays into the workplace of the future.

    37. 37 Raising the Collaborative Risktaking Bar

      Objective: Take on high-risk, complex challenges with the help of others.

    38. 38 Assignment: Lesson 8

    39. 39 Next Steps

    About Dee McCrorey

    My career spans over thirty years where I’ve specialized in software program management, manufacturing project management, and tech operations before moving into change management a decade ago.

    Seeding Change’s core learning base is what I refer to as the “middle strata” of most large organizations—Program and Project Managers, Change Practitioners, and Mid-Level Leaders—who will continue to manage the brunt of transformational change for organizations, particularly as AI and other advanced technologies take root.

    We’re doing our part to ensure that you’re prepared for a truly disruptive decade. By complementing your existing skills with new capabilities, we’ll help you close skill gaps needed in the next 3-5 years and support you in reinventing yourself for what will certainly be both challenging and exciting times!

    In addition to my change management consultancy and online learning site, I'm making time to write the first of my quartet of memoirs--the first one is about a five year slice of life in the seventies during Silicon Valley’s wild, Wild West days, a bygone manufacturing era when I discovered the true meaning of the dignity of work.

    You can learn more about me at
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